Hi! I'm Steve Chapel

For 17 years I've been creating solutions that've been used by over 15 electric companies all across the United States. I'm now a remote software developer for hire. My latest client has me making a .net UWP app that talks to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices for a state of the art Iot tablet solution in handicap buses.



My Services

.Net Programmer

I've used Visual Studio .Net to build Windows applications and services, ASP.net web applications, to make mobile apps for Trimble handheld devices, and to build interfaces to/from many different systems. I'm proficient to expert in many languages including ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET, Visual Basic, C++, Html, XML, and Python, but the language I've always taken the most advantage of is SQL. It is used extensively inside of almost any programming language, and queries are often the core to the success of any application. I've also mastered several specific industry wide API's like AutoCad and ESRI's ArcObjects API.

Database Expert

I have nearly 2 decades of experience working with data in all forms: binary data structures, xml, SQL Server, Oracle, Access and more. I have built interfaces between many systems like GIS, CIS, MIS and Staking. I've pushed and pulled data from AutoCad using its object oriented API, I've done the same in ESRI, including drawing all aspects of several electric company mapping features using the ArcObjects API along with filling in all the data. I've moved data in and out of more places than you've parked your car, merging data from several different systems into one, coherent, accurate system, or sending all pertinent info to other systems run by other 3rd party vendors.

Project Managment

As Engineering Manger at Chapel Mapping, I was the point man between electric company Engineers and Managers, 3rd party software company managers, and our own field crews and production staff to find the means to an end of any issue that came up. I was in charge of making sure the software worked day in and day out for production workers and field crews to be sure they never had down time due to a software issue. I found ways to make people's jobs easier by automating anything that slowed down production. I also hand delivered finished products to electric company Engineers addressing any issues they could find with the data or software delivered. After inventorying the assets of every pole, meter, and underground structure (and everything on them) for over 15 electric companies, I handed out data sets with millions and millions of pieces of data with 99% or better accuracy. I made the final check on all data being delivered using hundreds of queries and smart point checks to make sure it was all correct before personally sending it to the customer.

Esri ArcObjects and ArcGIS

I've been using Esri ArcGIS and ArcObjects since version 8.0. I have automated several processes including the actual drawing of the features and manipulating all aspects of the data and geometry of those features. I could take raw data collected on mobile GPS devices and draw all the features into an Esri database without needing a person to draft the features in manually. I pulled drawings and the data associated with them from old Autocad maps and pushed them into Esri. I've also used ArcGIS to query the system, export features, and to join external databases to update existing features. I've also extensively used and manipulated Esri SDE databases that keep track of multiple versions of the data by each of its users. On top of that, I've created ArcObjects driven Toolbar buttons that add functionality to Esri as a 3rd party product.

About Me


For the past 17 years I've been the Engineering manager at Chapel Mapping. We did full GPS asset inventory for electric companies. We also created full mapping applications for the electric companies to use, including software for field crews to keep the GIS up to date and interfaces to get the GIS data into other systems like CIS/Outage/MIS/Staking and many other 3rd party software packages.

I ran a 4 man engineering department for several years to support a full GIS software Suite and inovate to create new state of the art smart applications.

We built field crew management applications for our own crews, software for our production workers, programs to move the data off the haldhelds to the laptop, from the laptop in the field to the office hundreds of miles away, programs to put that data into the database, then drew the map and sent it back to the field crew before they showed up for work the next morning.

I also have a passion for Music and Community. Check out my Music Page Here to learn more and see me playing sax with Dan Aykroyd taken during the National Comedy Center grand opening celebration!

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213 Onondaga Ave, Warren, Pennsylvania, USA